Candies shoes on sale at Kohls + extra 20% off coupon

The Candies shoes that Miss Britney Spears is currently hawking at Kohl’s are now 20% lighter (in price, that is) thanks to 20% off Kohl’s coupon code GR8THINGS.  In addition, the discount applies on top of current sale prices and shipping is only $0.99 per item today.  That makes these Candies Newmie tall boots (pictured) $44.79 instead of $55.99, the Candies Maude tall boot $55.99 instead of $66.99, the Candies Landin boot $47.99 instead of $59.99 and the Candies Stardom dress heel $30.79 instead of $38.49. See more Candies shoes on sale or use the code on any shoes at Kohl’s. Coupon expiration is unknown.

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