Shoe Buzz: Christian Siriano for Payless shoes now available

You may recall the news earlier this year that Christian Siriano of Project Runway would introduce a new line for discount shoe retailer Payless, as reported here by The Cut.  As you can see from the Fashion Week photos, these shoes aren’t your typical pair of Payless kicks.  In fact, The Cut worried that they might be too similar to Rodarte from a few seasons back.  Well, that may have been the least of their worries.  Fast-forward to this month and you’ll see that what actually hit the stores is quite different from how these pairs looked on the runway.  Don’t get me wrong, I still think these shoes are a step above the usual Payless pair (and I’m not a Payless downer, they clearly have their place in the market).  However, I think a lot of people got excited about this and subsequently got let down.  Especially anyone who wanted those insane chain platforms.  Sigh…I guess it was too good to be true.

See the entire Christian Siriano Payless line and then be sure to check out The Cut for a preview of the heel-bending next round…just don’t expect it to look like this once spring 2010 arrives.

Update: Get 20% off any Payless order using coupon code 27858 at checkout.  Expires 9/18/09.


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