Shoe Buzz: Shoes worn by Erin and Olivia in The City on MTV (plus Whitney)

I’ve covered Whitney Port’s shoe style on MTV’s The City but, of course, we have to discuss the footwear fashion choices of Olivia and Erin, her stylish co-stars on the show.  I’ve been studiously doing my The City analysis every week, examining and scrutinizing each episode for cute shoes (this is serious research, after all) and I’ve seen some notable ones, even in blink-an-eye-and-miss-it moments.  Let’s get things started with Olivia:

Perpetually pouty Olivia may go a tad overboard with the snobbery, but you have to admit she has fashion down pat (and perfectly coifed hair, I must say).  Like Whitney, she has a penchant for wearing black shoes with a bit of high drama in the design.  Here we see her in a promo photo looking fab and wearing some stylish black peep toe booties.

There are plenty of black peep toe booties out there, but the Steve Madden Roarr is probably the most similar I’ve seen.  It’s also listed on MTV’s SeenOn! as being inspired by Olivia’s black shoes on the show.  You can get them at Steve Madden in black, gray or purple for $109.95.  Need more options?

Left to Right: Madden Girl Aliza for $49.95 at (use code BFRSHIP for free shipping when logged-in to Rewards account), Arden B Suede Peep Toe Bootie for $68 at Arden B and an extra 20% off with coupon code ABBDAY0209 until 3/6/09, Type Z Superstar for $62.10 at Zappos

In another episode, Olivia is shown walking on a sidewalk in New York City wearing a style with swinging fringe at the ankle.  It’s a nice effect, but she’s wearing black tights and the shot is quick, so it’s hard to see what exactly she’s wearing.  However, I suspect luxury designer-loving Olivia would approve of this Christian Louboutin Suede Fringe Pump, which is $1,095 at Neiman Marcus.  If you like the swinging fringe effect, without the Louboutin price tag, try these:

Left to right: Max Studio Fringed Suede Platform Stilettos for $123 + free shipping at, Steve Madden Molleyy for $39.99 at Steve Madden, Go Jane Fringed Suede Peep Toe Bootie for $21.50 at Go Jane

Let’s move on to Erin.  Erin definitely loves juggling men, but she also clearly loves fashion and has great style.  In episode 8, Whitney and Erin go out to see Whit’s boyfriend Jay play with his band and a reluctant Olivia goes along.  Beforehand, Erin and Whitney swing by Olivia’s apartment and check out her closet (which is unusually located right by the front door) and we catch a peek of Erin’s super-cute white ankle strap wedge heels that she donned with black tights.  I’m quite certain they are Corso Como, but it appears the exact pair is no longer available.  However, I found this style:    

The Corso Como Dodi Wedge is very similar to what Erin wore, although Erin’s pair only had a white ankle strap at the top.  This is a gorgeous shoe and I really love the effect of the black bow at the ankle.  This pair is available at for $139.99 with free shipping. Amazon also has it in sizes 9-13 for $149.99.  While it’s hard to find look-alikes for this unique shoe, I think these pairs convey a similar look:

Left to right: Kenzo 293921 Espadrille for $319.95 with free overnight shipping at Endless, Jump Mond Shoe for $112 with free shipping at Zapppos, Miss Me Suri Heel for $32 at LuLus and an extra 15% off with LOVELULUS coupon code

We also spy Erin in an early episode looking smitten and making sweet music with then-beau Duncan.  The relationship may have fizzled for now, but fashion always remains.  Erin looks effortlessly chic in these perfect mid-calf camel-colored boots, which I suspect are also from Corso Como because they look a lot like this pair:

The Corso Como Benita Boot in cognac leather is fabulous and available at for $287.  It has ruching along the shaft and just enough heel to be comfortable, yet flattering.  You can also get 20% off using coupon code ENTSHOES09 during checkout, which drops the price to $229.60 with free shipping.  Here are some other options:

Left to right: Frye Carson Boot for $352 at Zappos, Steve Madden Lasoo Boot for $99.95 at Steve Madden and free shipping until 2/26/09, Steve Madden Gimbal Boot for $159.50 at Delias with free shipping after applying coupon code DXCW25 until 3/2/09 (Update: Get this boot for less at Steve Madden, where it’s listed for $109.99 with an extra 30% off until 3/5/09), Slouch Cowboy Boot for $39.50 at Wet Seal and free shipping with ENT0809 coupon code

Finally, we’re going to revisit Whitney’s ever-coveted black ankle strap heel, which I covered in my last shoes from The City post.  Fashion Kitty says on her blog that she’s received a lot of email about this pair and she’s sure it’s the Steven by Steve Madden Bryant.  MTV’s SeenOn also lists the Bryant as a pair inspired by “The L Word” episode, although some of the pairs they list are not the exact style worn on the series.  I think this shoe mystery may never fully be solved (unless Whitney herself clears it up), but I found a few additional options, like this Hale Bob Mum Pump, available at for $112 and an extra 20% off with coupon code ENTSHOES09 at checkout.  Although it isn’t exact, I love this shoe and I think it conveys the same look, which is what matters most.  Other similar styles:

Left to right: Cindy Says Pyramid Sandal for $179.95 and free overnight shipping at Endless, Steve Madden Triumphh for $111 at and an extra 20% off with ENTSHOES09 coupon code, Nine West Jay for $79 at Nine West and an additional $10 off with NWFALLV8 coupon code until 2/28/09, ALDO Streiff for $100 at with 10% off via coupon code STUDADV817002 and free shipping.

Update 3/2/09: I found another black ankle strap shoe option.  See my post on it here.

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