Cheap-A-Thon: Cute casual shoes under $20

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We all know there are times when we want or need an exceptionally good price on a pair of shoes.  Our reasons can vary – sometimes our budget is stubborn and won’t allow for more or we may not want to splurge on something overly trendy (that may quickly become outdated) or we may just hate paying retail for virtually anything.  That’s where the Cheap Chick comes in at Fairy Shoe Princess.  You’ll see the chick whenever a shoe is under $25, which is the simple definition of cheap here.  I think most people can agree that’s a great price for a pair of shoes.

For the first Cheap-A-Thon (which is a “marathon” of cute, cheap shoes), I’m going to set the pace and find some cute casual shoes under $20.  I found a bunch at Amazon, so let’s get going:

Sugar Central Park Wedge This plaid flat is $14.89 and available in your choice of black or brown.  I think this pair would look great with some trendy, distressed jeans and a black turtleneck.


Sugar May Flowers Wedge The bow on the back of this shoe makes it super-sweet.  This style would look great with a denim skirt or short shorts.  Get it in navy, red or pink for $14.89.


Simple Carousel Slip-On This shoe is made of hemp canvas, organic cotton and recycled car tires.  Slip on this comfy pair with jeans or shorts when you want to look cool and be a little more green.  They come in your choice of red, brown, black and blue for $16.49.  Update: The black and brown pairs are now $14.89.  The blue pair is $15.17.


Keds Ahoy Nautical Skimmer These cute skimmers are made of striped canvas covered with fabric that looks like netting.  Plus, you get the classic blue Keds rubber seal on the back of this shoe, which comes in navy or red.  It’s currently $14.89.


Reebok Iveelee Slip Sneaker Get casual chic in this pair, which comes in four colors. Most color/size combinations are $14.89, although the khaki/green pair is $59.99 for most sizes.


All of the above pairs are eligible for free shipping if your order is over $25.

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