Lethal Blue Heel for $34.50 at Alloy

The design of this bright blue Lethal Heel from Alloy is clearly inspired by the YSL Tribute Platform Sandal, a big celebrity fave.  The YSL version will set you back hundreds of dollars, but the Alloy version looks very similar and only costs $34.50.  If you check out the homepage right now, you’ll see a model wearing the blue pair and they are absolutely adorable with her yellow and white outfit, but they also come in coral or tan.  Use coupon code AKAAFF until 2/15/09 to get free shipping (a $1.95 handling fee still applies).  If your order is over $45, use 15% off coupon code 1WEEK15 for a greater discount.  That coupon expires 1/19/09.

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